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World Famous® All-Weather Waterproof Notebooks

Write notes, even in the pouring rain Features Special paper can be written on even while wet Doesn’t easily rip when wet like normal paper Sheets are printed with a grid Pages are 4 inches by 6 inches Brand new

11 Inch Survival Knives With Fire Starter

One-Piece Stainless Steel With Sheath Features Knife measures a total of 11 inches in length Constructed from solid 1-piece stainless steel Handle wrapped in paracord which can be used during emergencies Top part of the blade is serrated Comes with

Military Bladder Style Canteens

1 litre capacity Features US military style canteen made of high impact plastic 1 Litre capacity Screw-on cap with security strap nylon woodland camo cover Brand new product! You can get the Military Bladder Style Canteens here at Forest City

Coghlan’s® 3 Way Folding Shovels

Ideal for Digging Fire Pits Features Good item to keep in your trunk of your vehicle Perfect for digging your car out of snow drifts Folds from 23 inches to 9½ inches Will fit in small knapsack or glove compartment

Mountain House® #10 Can – Chili Macaroni with Beef

Mountain House Freeze Dried Food Number 10 Cans Canada

25 Year shelf life (ideal for survivalists) Now in stock! Easy to store and be prepared in case of emergency! Mountain House freeze-dried foods are packed in airtight Nitrogen packed #10 cans. Up to 98% of the residual oxygen has

Coghlan’s® 4-pack Snaplight Lightsticks

Long-Lasting Bright Glow is Great for Party’s or Survival Situations Features Just bend once, snap and shake Reliable and safe Ideal for backpackers, campers, fishing, boating and home emergencies Non toxic Patented design Cool to the touch Won’t attract insects

Emergency Tow Ropes

Super strong! Light weight! Stronger than chain ! Poly braid extra super strength ! Approx 6500 LBS. load handling Excellent stretch to absorb sudden shock Heavy-duty forged hooks and plastic guards 100% rot resistance and handy to store Ideal for

Tramontina® Brazilian Stainless Steel Skin Divers Knife

Tough stainless steel construction Features 3 1/2 Inch sharpened blade 1 1/2 Inch serrated section 5 3/4 Inch total blade length Removable blade 3 1/2 Inch molded plastic handle Total length: 10 1/2 inches Includes sheath that straps to your

Coghlan’s® 12-in-1 Scissors

Jam Packed with a Bundle of Functions Features Functions as Scissors Knife Magnet Screwdriver Wrench Can opener Bottle opener Fish scaler Nut cracker Wire stripper Wire cutters Jar wrench Less than 8 inches in total length makes it easily portable

Coghlan’s® Emergency Survival Ponchos

Coat Design Provides Maximum Mobility While Reflecting Body Heat Back to You Features The Survival Poncho can help reduce heat loss in situations where hypothermia is possible Metalized polyethylene material reflects body heat back to you Rain poncho format to