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LifeStraw® Go Portable Water Filter Bottles

Lifestraw Water Bottle

Features 2-stage filtration system featuring activated carbon and a hollow fibre membrane! Award winning technology makes micro-biologically contaminated water safe to drink! Easy to use: simply dip the bottle into streams and the filter built into the straw lets you

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter Straws

Lets you drink safely straight out of streams, ponds and parking lot puddles! The same high-tech filtration design used in humanitarian crises situations in Haiti, Pakistan, Peru, Kenya, Indonesia, D.R. Congo, South Africa, Mexico, and Bangladesh is now available for

Coghlan’s® Store-N-Pour Contain-all Container Sets

Lightweight, reusable containers that are food safe Features Each set has: 1 4-ounce plastic bottle 2 2-ounce plastic bottles 2 1-ounce plastic bottles 3 basic caps and 2 dispenser caps that are interchangeable with the bottles Basic caps are intended

Deluxe Folding Shovels with Ice Pick

Keep in the trunk of Your Vehicle to Dig Yourself Out of Snowbanks Features Perfect for digging your car out of snow drifts 2 Piece screw-in handle Folds from 16 inches to 6-1/4 inches Will fit in small knapsack or

Tramontina® Brazilian Stainless Steel Skin Divers Knife

Tough stainless steel construction Features 3 1/2 Inch sharpened blade 1 1/2 Inch serrated section 5 3/4 Inch total blade length Removable blade 3 1/2 Inch molded plastic handle Total length: 10 1/2 inches Includes sheath that straps to your

Coghlan’s® Small First Aid Kits

Compact practical first aid kit ideal for day hikers and weekend campers Includes Basic first aid guide (in English and French) Compact case (4 3/8 inches x 3 inches) 10 Adhesive bandages 3/8 inch x 1 1/2 inch 3 Adhesive

Brico® 2.5 Pound Axes

Rugged drop Forged Head Features 2 1/2-Pound forged tempered and hardened steel head Vinyl guard included No warranty on the handle Wooden sanded finished 21 inch handle Brand new product! You can get the Brico® 2.5 Pound Axes here at

Coghlan’s® 12-in-1 Scissors

Jam Packed with a Bundle of Functions Features Functions as Scissors Knife Magnet Screwdriver Wrench Can opener Bottle opener Fish scaler Nut cracker Wire stripper Wire cutters Jar wrench Less than 8 inches in total length makes it easily portable

World Famous® All-Weather Waterproof Notebooks

Write notes, even in the pouring rain Features Special paper can be written on even while wet Doesn’t easily rip when wet like normal paper Sheets are printed with a grid Pages are 4 inches by 6 inches Brand new

Coghlan’s® Expandable Water Carriers

Holds up to 8 litres (2 U.S. gallons) of water! Features Deluxe design angles the spigot on the side for easy dispensing Sides expand increasing capacity Made from high strength polyethylene Comfortable grip Screw on cap with on/off spigot You