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Pyle® PMP48IR Megaphone with Built-in Rechargeable Battery

Emergency crowd control device

With recording function, microphone, and rechargeable, lightweight lithium battery. Features Save big by powering the microphone using the included rechargeable battery Advanced lightweight rechargeable lithium battery weighs 85 percent less than D batteries (something you will really appreciate if you

Pyle Pro® PMP35R 30-Watt Megaphones

Emergency Communications Megaphone

Features Voice recording capabilities 10-second integrated audio memory Repeat recorded audio with ease Used by U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines For indoor/outdoor use Variable volume control Tough ABS housing Built-in siren Measurements: 8 inches wide 6 inches high

Solar-Powered Portable Cell Phone Battery Chargers

Solar-Powered Portable Cell Phone Battery Chargers

Communication is often overlooked in survival situations. Being able to reach others and find out about the situation in other locations can be critical. This knowledge can lead you to safety or away from danger. Keeping some sort of charge

World Famous® All-Weather Waterproof Notebooks

Write notes, even in the pouring rain Features Special paper can be written on even while wet Doesn’t easily rip when wet like normal paper Sheets are printed with a grid Pages are 4 inches by 6 inches Brand new

Reusable Air Horns

Reusable Air Horn

No Single Use Compressed Air Can Needed Features Very loud sound emanates from this air horn Simply pull out the plunger, then push in the plunger and the forced air rushes through the horn and makes a loud noise Sounds

Model O2C TruFlare® Pen-Type Launcher

For launching TruFlare flares and bear bangers This convenient launcher helps you indicate your position using TruFlare flares or scare bears away with the loud noise of TruFlare bear bangers (flares and bear bangers not included) Features Thumb lever activated

Bear Bells

Warn bears of your presence early and avoid surprising them Avoid startling and surprising a bear. Bear bells emit a distinct jingling sound that alerts bears well in advance of your presence. Bears naturally flee humans unless startled or protecting