Model O2C TruFlare® Pen-Type Launcher

For launching TruFlare flares and bear bangers

This convenient launcher helps you indicate your position using TruFlare flares or scare bears away with the loud noise of TruFlare bear bangers (flares and bear bangers not included)
  • Thumb lever activated launcher with safety notch
  • Ideal for boaters and campers
  • Easy to use, simply screw the flare or bear banger cartridge on to the launcher and fire
  • TruFlare Flares and Bear Bangers (sold separately)
  • To be used with centre fire cartridges only
  • Assorted bright coloured launchers that can be easily found if dropped
  • Brand new product in manufacturer’s packaging!

You can get the Model O2C TruFlare® Pen-Type Launcher here at Forest City Surplus