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Stanley® POWERiT® 500 Watt Power Inverter

Stanley POWERiT 500 Watt Power Inverter

Use it to provide power in the event of a blackout to devices in your home like freezers and fridges The Stanley 500W Power Inverter allows you to power andcharge personal electronics, tools, and more. Just plug the power cord

Wetskins Comfort Zone Heavy-Duty PVC and Nylon Rainsuits

heavy-duty rain suits

Heavy-duty design is built for people who need to be outside in hard rain situations. Trusted by forestry workers, Coast Guard officials, ship deckhands, first responders, and others who need to outside in heavy rain! Rain Jacket’s Features Large 3-piece,

Model O2C TruFlare® Pen-Type Launcher

For launching TruFlare flares and bear bangers This convenient launcher helps you indicate your position using TruFlare flares or scare bears away with the loud noise of TruFlare bear bangers (flares and bear bangers not included) Features Thumb lever activated

Bear Bells

Warn bears of your presence early and avoid surprising them Avoid startling and surprising a bear. Bear bells emit a distinct jingling sound that alerts bears well in advance of your presence. Bears naturally flee humans unless startled or protecting

Coghlan’s® 3 Way Folding Shovels

Ideal for Digging Fire Pits Features Good item to keep in your trunk of your vehicle Perfect for digging your car out of snow drifts Folds from 23 inches to 9½ inches Will fit in small knapsack or glove compartment

2 Ton Cable Puller/Hand Winches

Able to pull cars out of the mud Uses Pulling heavy machinery and equipment Tighten fences Free stuck vehicles Pulling stumps Features Powerful, portable tool for pulling and bracing! drop forged steel hooks drop forged hanging bracket One piece steel

Emergency Tow Ropes

Super strong! Light weight! Stronger than chain ! Poly braid extra super strength ! Approx 6500 LBS. load handling Excellent stretch to absorb sudden shock Heavy-duty forged hooks and plastic guards 100% rot resistance and handy to store Ideal for

3-in1 Car Emergency Light

Dynamo Flashlight with Seatbelt Cutter and Window Punch Pin Features 3 super bright white LED bulbs Black and yellow color Durable plastic body Dynamo flashlight with 2 functions Spring released window punch pin Seatbelt cutter Built-in hand crank dynamo for

4 Ton Cable Puller/Hand Winches

Able to Pull Cars Out of Snow Banks Pulled the webmasters mid size car out of a snowbank with minimal effort. Uses Pulling heavy machinery and equipment Tighten fences Free stuck vehicles Pulling stumps Features drop forged steel hooks Drop

Car Window Breaker and Seat Belt Cutter Tools

Convenient for Anyone Who is Worried About Being Stuck in a Car Features Highly viable neon orange body makes this item easier to find in your glove box in an emergency Includes wall mountable window breaker holder Brand new product